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About Vinnitsa City

  • Vinnitsa is a city and it is an administrative center of Vinnitsa Oblast in west-central Ukraine.
  • Vinnitsa is a city which lies along the Yuzhny (Southern) Bug River.
  • The Population of Vinnitsa city is 400,000. The land area of Vinnitsa city is 61
  • Ancient Vinnitsa is one of the most beautiful and cultivated cities and it is a pearl hidden among the golden wheat and sunflower fields. Vinnitsa is a very beautiful city located on the bank of the river Southern Buh.
  • Ancient Vinnitsa city is a pearl hidden among the golden wheat and sunflower fields and it is one of the most beautiful and cultivated cities.
  • Vinnitsa came into the possession of Poland in the 15th century.
  • It became an important trade center due to its favorable location. That is, Vinnitsa is well connected to other cities in Ukraine by all means of transport.
  • Vinnitsa city has the best architecture, Sobornaya is the main street in Vinnitsa, where the majority of architectural monuments of Vinnytsia are concentrated.
  • Vinnitsa has the biggest music fountain in Europe, which is the light and music fountain. It has become yet another landmark in Europe.
  • Vinnitsa city is the administrative center of the Vinnitsa region and a historical center of eastern Podillya, important economic and cultural center of the country.
  • The population of Vinnytsia is about 372,000 and it covers the area of 113 sq. km.
  • About 200 km south-west of Kyiv, Vinnitsa is located.
  • The climate of Vinnitsa is temperate with long and moderately hot, and fairly humid summers and relatively short and mild winters. The average temperature in July is plus 19.2 degrees Celsius and in January it is minus 4.1 degrees Celsius.
  • Public transport in Vinnytsia includes trolleybuses, buses, trams, and mini-buses. There is a facility of free Wi-Fi available in most buses, trams, and trolleybuses.
  • The city is actively developing as a medical and an educational center. The city is famous for its technical, pedagogical, medical universities.

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