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History of Vinnitsa National Medical University


The Vinnitsa National Medical University was founded in 1921, initially as Vinnitsa Institute of Pharmacy.

When the first President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the famous academician D.K. Zabolotny, questioned the Government about the necessity of opening a medical educational institution in Vinnitsa to serve the nation’s needs for health care, then the VNMU was established.

In 1960, the Institute was named after N.I. Pirogov, by the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Body of the U.S.S.R. By 1969, two faculties were formed, medical and pediatric. The Institute was awarded the Order ”Badge of Honour” for success in training doctors and assistance to public health services in 1984.

V.M.Moroz was elected as a rector of VNMU in 1988. He modernized the education base, introduced new educational technologies, improved the quality of specialists’ preparation and the tuition conditions for students and increased compensation for teachers. V.M.Moroz was awarded the title Hero of Ukraine in 2003.

Vinnitsa Medical Institute was accredited as a University on Level IV, the highest level of accreditation by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 1994. Also, in 1994, the faculty of Dentistry was organized.

By 2000, the institute was renamed to Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University and the Faculty of Pharmacy was organized.

Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University was awarded National University status by Decree of the President of Ukraine L.D. Kuchma (June 19, 2002, #560/2002), supporting specialties”General Medicine“, "Dentistry", "Pediatrics", "Pharmacy", “Clinical Pharmacy”, “Medical Psychology.”

Following are some of the milestones in the Development of the University:

  • 1961 - pediatric faculty opened;
  • 1961 - the start of foreign citizens training in the university’s faculties;
  • 1963 - the beginning of publishment of the newspaper "Young doctor";
  • 1979 - Started a preparatory faculty for teaching 230 foreign citizens;
  • 1979 - the opening of the Faculty of doctor’s advanced training and its branch;
  • 1984 - for outstanding contributions and achievements to the development of higher medical education, the staff of the Institute was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor";
  • 1990 - A scientific research center was organized and equipped with modern computer technology for its interdepartmental use; organization of scientific- educational complexes (biochemical, morphological, physiological), based on scientific research center’s laboratories;
  • 1991 - the beginning of the vast introduction of computerization in the educational process, first among universities in Ukraine Center of new information technologies was founded, it coordinates the development and implementation of new technologies in all spheres of the university’s activity;
  • 1992 - medical faculty was reorganized, training of students for two new specialties "Medicine" and "Pediatrics" began;
  • 1993 - Signing of the co-operation agreement with the medical faculty of the University of Münster (Germany);
  • 1994 - VSMU was certified and accredited by the IV level of accreditation and dental faculty started;
  • 1996 - the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma visited the university for the first time, and met with staff members and students, familiarization with the organization of training;
  • 1998 - the Faculty of doctor’s advanced training opened, affiliated to the Faculty of post-graduate training with its branch in Khmelnytsky;
  • 1998 - Specialized scientific council D 05.600.01 opened with the right of presenting theses for Candidate’s and Doctor’s degree in specialties like Obstetrics and Gynecology; Surgery; Pediatric Surgery;
  • 2000 - A cooperation agreement with Birmingham University (USA) signed;
  • 2000 - the Faculty of Pharmacy opened;
  • 2002 - the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma visited the University for the second time, University received the status of National University and its name changed to National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsia;
  • 2003 - two new specialties - "Clinical Pharmacy" and "Medical Psychology" were opened;
  • 2004 - completion of new academic building construction, a research center in it, organization of work of departments;
  • 2004 - publication license for journal "Biomedical and Biosocial Anthropology», including the list of publications recommended by the SAC of Ukraine;
  • 2006 – the foundation of medico-psychological clinics;
  • 2007 - the accreditation of specialty "clinical pharmacy" happened;
  • 2008 – "Institute of Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons" involved in the university as the university’s teaching and scientific-medical complex;
  • 2009 - the accreditation of M.Sc. course training in the specialty "dentistry" happened;
  • 2009 - increase of intake and licensing for postgraduate education;
  • 2010 – On the occasion of 200th birth anniversary of M.Pirogov V International Congress "Pirogov’s readings" was held in the framework of which also was conducted the XXII Congress of Surgeons of Ukraine, and in this Congress, within 5 days 2173 delegates from 28 countries took part.
  • During this time, at the university, new educational buildings were constructed, and the university was expanded with 10 new departments in pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, and postgraduate training, and Centers of New Information Technologies and Scientific Research were opened.

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